Filmora9: World-class video editing without the learning curve

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, Filmora9 is an easy to use, all-in-one solution that can turn your clips into masterpieces

(Image credit: Filmora)

It’s a YouTube generation, and everyone’s a videographer, with smartphones capturing pin-sharp 4K footage and stunningly crisp high-res photos. If like many, your memories end up in the graveyard of your smartphone - aka its gallery, then a world-class video editor - Filmora9 can help you turn your clips or pictures into sensational looking movies you can upload and share with friends, family, or the world. 

If you don’t think we’re talking to you, can you really tell us that you haven’t used your smartphone camera in the last few days? Whether you’re a casual smartphone snapper, a whizz with a DSLR, or shoot with cinema cameras, Filmora9 can save beginners and seasoned pros hours. 

By getting rid of the noise and confusion other editing suites can’t seem to shake, Filmora9 is an excellent introduction into video editing and a fantastic supplementary piece of software for advanced editors who want a streamlined interface in which to create freely.

What exactly is Filmora9?

Filmora9 is a stripped-back, crisped-up take on video editing. Fire it up, and it’s instantly visually cleaner than the competition, but there are still familiar elements - a timeline, preview window and a context-sensitive window.

You can use Filmora9 to apply fresh, advanced effects; swap out backgrounds by editing greenscreen footage for example, or apply advanced colour tuning to your footage, or filmic filters for a cinematic look. Unlike with other editing applications though, with Filmora9, it’s easy. 

Easy, yet expert-friendly

Whether you want to stitch together travel, fitness, vlog or drone clips, simply drag your files into Filmora9, and it will display them as clearly identifiable thumbnails. Drag these onto your project’s timeline, and you’re off. Piece together your final video like a jigsaw puzzle, and Filmora9 will automatically close gaps between clips as you work, saving vast amounts of time. 

The application also puts commonly used features right in front of you, so directly above the timeline is a context-sensitive strip of shortcuts. Highlight a video clip, and undo, redo, delete, cut, crop and zoom, speed up, colour-tuning and greenscreen options are displayed within easy reach.

If these features are all you want to use, you can whip up rich montages in moments. For any experts or more inquisitive beginners, right-click a clip, and you can customise it that bit more. Apply stabilisation to your shaky footage for example - ideal for drone footage, or detach and adjust the audio with keyframes to name a couple of options - how advanced the Filmora9 experience is is entirely up to you. This means it won’t leave you confused and overloaded, nor will it leave you frustrated by limitations.

Graphics, music and 4K quality

It isn’t just about the edit though; with music and title options that can elevate your creation baked into the software, not to mention fun graphics, Filmora9 offers creatives scope to express themselves fully.

If you want to dive into a world of additional assets, there’s a vast library of effects, transitions and audio files that can be downloaded through Filmstocks. This beautifully laid out site is easy to navigate through and is brimming with beautiful enhancements that will make your masterpiece say precisely what you want it to. These are all high quality assets too, so when you want to output your video at 4K resolution, everything will look and sound premium.

Available to try for free, download Filmora9 today and turn your lonely video clips into sensational, shareable nuggets of joy.

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