The best luggage labels 2018: never pick up the wrong suitcase again

Make sure your luggage is clearly labelled when travelling to ensure your belongings always find their way back to you with our picks for the best luggage labels on the market!

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Whether you’re a frequent flyer for business or leisure, making sure your luggage is correctly and clearly labelled is one of the most important things for both your checked baggage and any hand luggage you have. 

Not only does a luggage tag provide important information should you bag be lost in transit, but with a range of styles available, they are also a great way to help identify your bag quickly and easily when waiting at baggage claim.

Purchasing a luggage tag for yourself comes down to personal style and preference. 

Some will be available in sets if you want all of your bags to match, and many come with a sleeve and cover to make your personal details less visible to just anyone. 

Leather luggage labels look smart and can make a nice gift for those who travel for work a lot, so look out for designs by the likes of Aspinal of London and Maxwell-Scott in our list below. 

If you’re particularly paranoid about losing your luggage, you can even invest in smart tags which act as Bluetooth or GPS trackers, so you can keep an eye on the whereabouts of your luggage at all times. 

These also make it easier to recover your luggage should it go missing. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve picked out some great options that will help keep your luggage safe in style. 

Take a look at the roundup below. 

The 6 best luggage labels

1. Aspinal of London Leather Luggage Tags

A smart leather luggage tag for flying in style

Best for: Luxury travel
Material: Saffiano Italian Calf Leather
Colour: Black or brown
Attachment: Buckle
Reasons to buy
+Concealed space for personal details +Easy to attach 
Reasons to avoid
-Likely to get battered if you travel a lot  

This pair of luggage labels from Aspinal of London looks pretty swish, and if you’re a frequent business flyer, then these would complete your luggage set quite nicely. Made from real calf leather, they are of course on the expensive side, which you may feel bitter about if they end up getting battered in the hold of the plane, but if you’ve got the cash to splash then they’re absolutely worth having, or would make a thoughtful gift to the nomad in your life. 

They attach easily with a buckle strap and have a dedicated sleeve for keeping your personal details in, which is concealed nicely by the leather flap. Traditional and stylish, these are the best luggage labels for luxury travel. 

2. Tile Mate

A compact little Bluetooth tracker to keep track of your luggage from A to B

Best for: Bluetooth tracker
Material: Metal
Colour: White
Attachment: Keyring
Reasons to buy
+Small+Free corresponding app
Reasons to avoid
-Need replacing after 1 year 

This little Bluetooth tracker is ideal for keeping an eye on your luggage and tracking where it is. This battery powered metal tag can be picked up by an app on your phone to tell you its whereabouts. 

It works with both Android and iPhones and you’ll be able to check where it was last located and you can use your phone to make the Tile Mate ring to help you find it. The only downside to these is that they need replacing every year, but you do get a special discount for being a Tile Mate member. 

3. Maxwell-Scott Handcrafted Leather Luggage Tag

A handmade and personalised embossed leather tag

Best for: Gifting
Material: Leather
Colour: Tan, dark brown, black
Attachment: Buckle
Reasons to buy
+Comes in a gift box+Emboss up to 15 initials 
Reasons to avoid

Personalised items are always a great gift idea for the person who has everything. So if you know someone who travels a lot, we’re sure this handcrafted leather luggage label from Maxwell-Scott would make for a thoughtful present. 

It comes in three different colours and you have the option to emboss it in either silver, gold or no colour for a subtle effect. This can just be initials or a personalised message up to 15 characters. Be warned that personalised items cannot be returned, but you will get a 25 year warranty for damage of this luggage tag which definitely makes it worth the price tag. 

4. Dynotag Smart Luggage Tag

Register your bag to Dynotag to keep it safe at all times

Best for: Smart tag
Material: Steel
Colour: Black & white
Attachment: Steel cable screw
Reasons to buy
+Give your bag a unique QR code+Update or check details whenever you need to (even when not with the bag)
Reasons to avoid
-Tag itself doesn’t contain GPS 

Dynotag is an innovative new way to ensure your bag gets back to you safely should it get misplaced or lost in transit. It doesn’t actually have GPS built-in to the tag, but it works via a unique QR code assigned to your luggage, which can then be scanned by someone and they can submit the location of your bag.

You’ll be able to log into your online Dynotag account to update personal details at any time, and see an activity log of who has scanned your tag and where. This tag is designed to assist in the quick and easy recovery of your luggage should you get separated from it and users say the tag itself is incredibly robust and sturdy. 

5. ProudGuy Tufftaag

Promote yourself on the go with this business card luggage label

Best for: Business travellers
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Assorted
Attachment: Steel cable screw
Reasons to buy
+Personalise your tag with your business card+Lots of different colours available 
Reasons to avoid
-Tag is quite rigid  

You never know who you might bump into, or who your luggage might, either. This luggage tag allows you to attach your personal details by way of a business card, which could be ideal for briefcases, laptop bags or even your hold luggage. Those who have this tag say it’s well built and sturdy, but its aluminium frame means that it isn’t all that flexible. 

In which case, you need to ensure it is secured tightly in the right position of your case so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit if bashed around it the aircraft hold. Users love the smart appearance of this tag and there are plenty of colours to choose from so if you want to go bright and bold this will help your luggage stand out from the crowd. 

6. Go Travel Luggage Tag

A budget leather travel tag that’s simple and flexible

Best for: Budget
Material: Leather
Colour: Black or brown
Attachment: Buckle
Reasons to buy
+Set of 2+Flexible material
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most stand-out  

If you just want a luggage label that will serve its purpose, then this set of two from John Lewis should get the job done nicely. Made from leather, they are flexible which means you won’t expect them to snap under pressure during transit, and there is a clear window for you to write your personal details in. 

Customers who have these tags say they are surprisingly durable and last a long time, but the only downside is they aren’t particularly unique so they won’t help identify your bag when collecting from baggage claim.