Best lawn mowers 2020: the definitive list from electric to petrol to ride-ons and robots

The finest petrol, cordless, ride-on, robot and electric mowers to beautify your green sward

Best lawn mowers 2019

Now that spring is truly upon us, what better time to start thinking about a new mower to replace that clapped out heap of decayed plastic and metal you have in your man shed.

Well, we’ve had a damn good think about which lawn mowers we like the most and which ones are best in each of the following categories: cordless, corded, petrol, robot and ride on.

And here they are in all their shiny splendour. Fret not if none of these tickle your fancy bits because T3 world also has a tranche of full round-ups in every category of lawn mower known to mankind – short of any rocket- or nuclear- propelled models we don’t know about. May's bank holiday weekends are a perfect time to buy and use a new turf trimmer.

Our in-depth lawn mower guides, category by category:

The best lawnmowers you can buy

Best lawn mower: Cobra MX3440V

1. Cobra MX3440V

Best cordless mower for average sized lawns

Power: 40v
Deck size: 34cm
Cutting height: 25-75mm
Grass collector: 35L
Weight: N/A
Average run time: 40 mins
Reasons to buy
+Easy to manoeuvre+Effective cutting+Quiet motor

• Buy Cobra MX3440V for around £190 from The Green Reaper

With a relatively small (34cm) cutting deck and a 35-litre fabric grass collector, this is the perfect mower for more modern British gardens (ie: small ones), rather than the traditional ones beloved of historic dramas. Almost entirely plastic, it’s light enough to carry, easy to store and very quiet. The brushed motor really impresses with its cutting efficiency, even in longer, damp grass, while the battery lasts a solid 40 minutes per charge. With five cutting heights (25mm to 75mm), it's a versatile beast, to boot. 

Best lawn mowers: GREENWORKS G40LM35


Best cordless lawn mower for slightly larger lawns

Type: Cordless
Power: 40v
Deck size: 35cm
Grass collector capacity: 40 litres
Weight: 15kgs
Reasons to buy
+Easy to manoeuvre+Ultra quite
Reasons to avoid
-For small lawns only

This cordless lawn mower is what you need if you have an average-sized lawn.

This smart cordless model is ideal for smaller city lawns. It comes with a 35cm cutting deck, a 40-litre collapsible mesh grass collector, five cutting heights (20mm to 70mm), a high-performance 40v Li-ion battery and the quietest brushed motor you’ve ever not heard. Indeed, if you have nervous pets around, then this is the model to choose.

The Greenworks cuts exceptionally well while its wheels are of a decent enough size to tackle most gnarly terrain. At just 15kgs, it’s also easy to manoeuvre and a doddle to store. Expect around 40 minutes of cutting time on a single charge.

Best lawn mowers: HONDA HRG 416 PK


Best petrol mower

Type: Petrol
Power: 160cc
Deck size: 41cm
Grass collector capacity: 50 litres
Weight: 29kgs
Reasons to buy
+Reliability+Efficiency+Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Not self propelled

This petrol mower is what you need if you have a large lawn.

Petrol mowers are notorious for being temperamental, especially after being in storage for a long period of time. Well, if you want a petrol mower that will start first time even after a year in the shed, then this is the model to get your mitts on. Equipped with a reliable pull-start 160cc Honda engine and a wide 41cm sitting deck, this is the machine to reach for when your lawn’s too large for a cordless or corded model. 

The Honda HRG 416 doesn’t have self propulsion but it’s easy to push. It also features a wider cutting height range than most mowers – from a near-bowling green short 20mm to a meadow-like 74mm. Its 50-litre grass collector, meanwhile, is big enough to contain a large dollop of sward cuttings. A top-dollar option for those who enjoy disturbing the peace on a sunny summer’s afternoon.

Best lawn mowers: ROBOMOW RS635


Best robot lawn mower

Type: Robot
Power: 26v
Deck size: 56cm
Grass collector capacity: None
Weight: 20kgs
Reasons to buy
+Handles rough areas+Huge cutting deck
Reasons to avoid
-Bloomin' expensive

This robot lawn mower is what you need if you really don't want to do any mowing.

Attention all land owners with a tidy wad in the bank! You don’t want to be faffing about pushing machines up and down the lawn and walking to and fro with heavy baskets of grass when you can have a robot do it all for you, day and night, all the time.

In the pantheon of autonomous lawn mowers, the albeit pricy Robomow RS635 is an unequivocal winner. All you have to do is lay a wire around the perimeter of your sward and install a little charging station, and the Robomow will do the rest, zig-zag cutting everything in its path for about 80 minutes at a time before returning to the charging base for a top up. Then it’ll head out again until the entire lawn looks like it’s been manicured by Augusta’s green keeper.

The Robomow’s huge 56cm cutting blade gets through a lot of grass in a short period of time, and is capable of handling gardens with an area up 5,000 square metres. The perfect option for rich but lazy garden owners.

Best lawn mowers: BOSCH ROTAK 43


Best corded electric mower

Type: Corded
Power: 1,800w
Deck size: 43cm
Grass collector capacity: 50 litres
Weight: 16kgs
Reasons to buy
+Cuts right to the edge+Comfy handles
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly pricy for a corded model

• Buy Bosch Rotak 43 from Amazon for £190

• You can also get the Rotak 430 Li for £435 – the same basic design but cordless

If you have a large garden with a power supply in the vicinity, consider this highly reliable cutter from Bosch. Its wide 43cm cutting deck will cover a lot of ground in one swoop while its 50 litre grass box means fewer trips to the compost heap, while the cable means fewer trips to the recharging station. None, in fact.

Bosch’s multi-position Ergoflex handle bar system is a great feature that’s ideal for both righties and southpaws – it really is comfortable to push around. Cutting wise, this is an exceptional machine that cuts right to the very edge of borders which in turn means less strimming afterwards. It also collects leaves while it mows using innovative airflow technology. The Rotak 43 is one smarty-pants lawn mower that will likely go on trimming for years with just a few blade changes now and then. I know this because I own one – how's that for an endorsement?

Best lawn mowers: STIHL RT 4082

6. STIHL RT 4082

Best ride-on lawn trimmer for humongous swards

Type: Ride on petrol
Power: 13hp
Deck size: 80cm
Grass collector capacity: 250 litres
Weight: 197kgs
Reasons to buy
+Easy to use+Massive cutting deck+250-litre grass collector
Reasons to avoid
-Difficult to store-Requires annual servicing

•Buy the STIHL RT 4082 from Mow With Us

When your lawn space approaches an acre in size (about half a football pitch), you’ll be much better off with a ride-on mower. Apart from being just about the most fun thing you can do on your lawn, this Teutonic petrol machine from STIHL will do the job in a fraction of the time. It is, after all, designed for lawns up to and beyond 4,000m2 (an acre or more).

Comical looks aside, the  STIHL RT 4082 boasts a huge 80cm cutting deck and a centrally-located 13hp Briggs & Stratton engine married to a hydrostatic gearbox and variable speed drive for smooth and very accurate manoeuvrability. And because you sit up high and in full view of the front wheels, it’s almost impossible to ride slipshod over the partner’s prized Tulip collection. The grass collector tucked low behind the driver’s bum can hold a massive 250-litre of grass cuttings and is easily emptied by a relatively simple tug of a lever.

If you’re in the market for a ride-on mower that tackles large gardens with aplomb, then this is the one to jump on, dude.