Best Football apps: Essential 2014-15 season downloads

T3's app XI to enjoy the beautiful game on the move

Looking for the best football apps for your iPhone 5s or HTC One M8? These are the top ones to help you follow the new 2014/15 football season on your smartphone

Yes, it's that time again. Football is back. Say goodbye to the weekend and welcome back the finest football league in the world. We can hardly wait.

While you put the finishing touches to this year's fantasy league team and mentally prepare yourself for the Monday morning football banter, we've picked our starting smartphone app eleven to get you through the entire season, whether it's the best place to watch a massive 'six-pointer' or simply the best footy games to play en-route to the stadium. Now get downloading...

1. BT Sport

BT Sport has gone all out to provide the best coverage it can. Free if you're a BT broadband subscriber, this app lets you watch the BT Sport channels on the move – ensuring you won't miss a kick.

Price: Free (with subscription) | iOS | Android

2. Sky Go

Sky's live TV app gives you access to Sky Sports, bringing you all the Premier League football action you could want. Oh, and there's Sky Sports News HQ, which has had a bit of a spruce up - so you can keep on an eye on all the transfer deadline day drama.

Price: Free (with subscription) | iOS | Android

3. THE Football App

Covering everything from League 1 to the Bundesliga – and all that is in-between, THE Football App is bursting with news, updates, stats and videos for the beautiful game. It looks great, works fluidly and is available on a load of devices.

Price: Free (IAP available) | iOS | Android | Windows 8

4. Virgin Media TV Anyhwere

If you're rocking a Tivo box at home and have a Sky Sports Virgin Bundle, TV Anywhere works in the same vein as SkyGo, letting you catch the football anywhere where you've got a decent internet connection.

Price: Free (with sub) | iOS | Android

5. BBC Sport

BBC's Sport app is great. Taking all the content from their site and putting it into a user-friendly and well designed app. There are live updates, news, videos and plenty of stats, plus it's always up-to-date. If you can't get to a TV on a Saturday afternoon, the BBC live commentary is the best alternative.

Price: Free | iOS | Android

6. FTB Pro

The unique thing about FTB Pro is that anyone can write for it, no experience required. While this does obviously lead to a lot of stories about Rooney being the best player in the world and countless 'Top players to buy in Football Manager' lists, there is a great selection of well-written articles straight from the hearts of die-hard footy fans.

Price: Free | iOS | Android

7. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

When you can't enjoy the Saturday afternoon's entertainment with Stelling, Le Tiss and the rest of the boys, you can stay up to date with live results from every match in England, Scotland and from across Europe.

Price: Free | iOS | Android

8. FIFA 14

Until FIFA 15 lands, this is still comfortably the best footy sim to get on your iPhone. Sporting sharper graphics, refined virtual controls to make it easier to play on a touchscreen, instant replays now means you can re-live the most memorable sweeping counter-attacking moves or simply pulling off a Cruyff turn. There's also Ultimate Team, finally bringing the popular mode to the mobile

Price: £2.99 | iOS

9. Football Manager Handheld 2014

To the dismay of wannabe wags everywhere, Football Manager steps out onto hallowed iPhone turf every bit as addictive as the PC and Mac versions. A new real world stadium finder means you can find your way around the San Siro or the King Power stadium, home to the mighty Leicester City.

Price: £6.99 | iOS | Android

10. Live Football on the TV

Making sure you know everything there is to know about fixtures on the box whether it's Premier League action, a European match or even a reserve game, this app will ensure armchair fans never miss a game that is being televised in the UK. Our condolences go out to football-hating spouses everywhere.

Price: Free | iOS

11. MatchPint

Trying to find the perfect place to watch the season opener? This pub finder app will help you find the perfect place to watch the game, letting you know how many screens are available, whether the sound will be turned up and even if the food is up to scratch. All so you don't have to pack an extra round of sandwiches in your bag that day…

Price: Free | iOS