5 mistakes everyone makes with Netflix

Here's how to boost your Netflix experience

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Hard to believe that Netflix has been around for almost a quarter of a century. Of course, back when the company was established, it simply delivered DVDs in the mail. A lot has changed since then, going on to become the world's biggest streaming service. 

As a result, Netflix has become a very part of our everyday lives. Deciding what to watch on a daily basis is a vital decision that the platform does its best to cater for at any given moment. Still, after all this time, there's are numerous mistakes that subscribers constantly do that either hold you back from experiencing Netflix's full potential or cost you more than it should.

To help deal with these all too frequent mishaps, let's dive into the five mistakes every Netflix account holder makes and the solution to solving them.

Not knowing how to turn off Autoplay 

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Autoplay is one of the most annoying features of Netflix. Whenever on the home screen, whatever piece of content is selected, Netflix will begin playing a preview. Why can't it just stay silent until I'm ready to choose what to watch next? Well, you actually can. By visiting Netflix via a browser, head to the "My Profile" section and find the "Playback Settings" link. Once here, you can toggle off Autoplay as well as the option to not start another episode right after the previous one has just finished. 

Sharing accounts 

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I know, we all don't want to hear this. I'm guilty of it. You're guilty of it. We're all guilty of it. Sharing accounts is just part and parcel of owning a Netflix account. However, this is all set to change as the company recently announced that it is testing a new system in certain countries that automatically detects once a password is shared outside of the registered account's address. Consequently, it will then ask for an extra fee to add the extra subscriber. So, if you don't want any surprise costs, you need to start reigning in those passwords. Sorry, grandma!  

How to find actual new releases  

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Netflix's curation can be a bit lacking at times. It's a lot better than it used to be and something that a lot of other streaming services on the market could learn a lot from (*cough* Disney Plus *cough*) but sometimes you just want to find something that's actually new. You see, Netflix has the "New & Popular" tab at the top of the page yet it compiles all of its new releases on the platform together, so that can be any film or TV show that has just been added to Netflix – rather than released for the very first time. To solve this, head to the "Audio & Subtitles" tab on a browser and select "Year Released" to list out everything actually made in that calendar year. Now everything you watch is actually new.  

Forgetting to download movies and shows 

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This one hits home for me. The numerous times I've gone travelling and forgotten to download anything onto my mobile or iPad, meaning I'm left forced to listen to another podcast where I could be making good progress on the likes of Better Caul Saul and such. Then I discovered Smart Downloads. Simply head to the settings menu on your device and turn on "Downloads for You". Now Netflix will download a selection of films and shows ready for viewing based on your watch history. Better still, you can also turn on the setting to automatically download the next episode in a series so you can continue binge-watching. 

Not cancelling Netflix 

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It may seem like an unthinkable solution but with so many amazing streaming services out there and the cost of living ever rising, it might be time to consider cancelling Netflix. That is at least until a show that you must watch arrives, like the new season of Stranger Things or The Umbrella Academy. 

The standard price for Netflix now costs $9.99 / £10.99 / A$10.99 a month and is expected to increase once again in the coming months / years. In the UK and Ireland, Netflix raised its costs for the second time in 18 months only in March. I personally have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus but know that as soon as HBO Max arrives in the UK, one of them is going. Write it all down and take account of what services you actually spend time the most time on, before then pulling the plug. Your bank account will thank you. 

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