Tempur-Fit Mattress Protector review: super-thin yet protective

The Tempur Fit mattress protector promises to add a breathable and water resistant layer to keep your mattress feeling box-fresh. So how does it hold up? Here's our review

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Tempur-Fit Mattress Protector review
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The Tempur Fit mattress protector may be thinner than other protectors on the market, but it does a fantastic job. The Tencel and polyurethane layers will protect your mattress from any messy spills and leaks, whilst providing a comfortable night's sleep.

Reasons to buy
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    Very thin and lightweight

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    Stays in place well

  • +

    Washable at 60-degrees

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    Can be tumble dried

Reasons to avoid
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    Water resistant rather than waterproof

If you want to revive an old mattress or want to ensure your new one stays feeling brand new, investing in one of the best mattress protectors is a must, and the Tempur Fit mattress protector is designed to do the job effectively without adding extra bulk.

The Tempur Fit Mattress Protector is super thin and made from breathable natural fibres. It's especially designed for the brand's own mattresses, which feature a luxurious and enveloping sleep surface (head to our Tempur mattress review for more on that), but comes in a variety of sizes that mean it can be used on any mattress. 

Mattress protectors should keep your mattress clean, hygienic and comfortable. Ideally, you also want something that's waterproof or at least water resistant, for any spills, as well as being resistant to dust mites and other allergens. More importantly though, mattress protectors will be breathable and comfortable to ensure a great night's sleep.

If you've invested in one of the best mattresses, we'd always recommend adding one of these to protect your purchase, even if your mattress has a removable and washable top cover. Mattress protectors are designed to add protection rather than padding – if you're wanting something thicker to change the feel of your sleep surface and make a bumpy old mattress comfier, head to our best mattress toppers roundup instead. 

I put it to the test to find out exactly how durable and comfortable Tempur's design is for for a good night's sleep. Read on for my Tempur Fit mattress protector review.

Tempur Fit Mattress Protector review: design

Tempur is well-known for its quality bed products, and the Tempur Fit Mattress Protector is no exception. Designed to be ultra-thin, the protector is made of natural fibres that are said to be more breathable than cotton, and super-cooling. This 'intelligent membrane' (as Tempur calls it), is made from layers of 100% tencel and 100% polyurethane. It'll absorb any moisture, keeping it safely away from the mattress itself – great for handling any morning coffee spills or even toddlers who may be prone to accidents in your bed! It's also dust mite- and allergen-resistant, as well as being washable at 60-degrees (i.e. hot enough to kill dust mites and remove allergens), which is a bonus for allergy sufferers like me.

Washing is as simple as your bed linen, and you can even throw in the tumble dryer if you'd rather not wait to put it back onto your mattress straight away. The mattress protector is flexible and robust so you have the choice to sleep on it directly if you wanted to, or simply add under your bedsheet to offer extra protection.

Tempur-Fit Mattress Protector review

(Image credit: Tempur)

Tempur Fit Mattress Protector review: performance

The Tempur Fit Mattress Protector is the thinnest type of mattress protector we've come across, but is surprisingly strong and feels durable. The edges are super stretchy and easily wrapped around the corners of my King-sized bed with a little straightening, and the protector holds its position well on the bed. I am one of those fidgety sleepers who tosses and turns at night, and so this was refreshing. Of course, it could be down to the mattress protector offering a cooler night's sleep, thanks to its breathable layer. I was able to sleep soundly and had a comfortable slumber. 

While the sides are stretchy, the top layer doesn't have much give, and while it's not the silkiest to the touch, it doesn't feel crinkly or scratchy, and the natural fibres make it 'quiet' to lie on top of (this can be an issue with some water resistant or waterproof protectors). 

Now for the water test. This protector is advertised as water resistant rather than waterproof, but I was particularly keen to see how such a thin mattress protector would cope with scattered sprays of water. Surely it would allow some water to seep through? Wrong! I was surprised to see how well it kept the water off, and would dry in no time at all. Not one drop of water went through to the mattress. As well as protecting against spills, this is a good thing for general hygiene in terms stopping sweat absorbing into your mattress surface. 

Should you have any issues, the Tempur Fit Mattress Protector comes with a decent 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Tempur Fit Mattress Protector review: verdict

If you're after a well-designed mattress protector that can cope with just about anything thrown at it (literally!), and offer comfort, the Tempur Fit Mattress Protector is ideal. Its secret is the combination of tencel and polyurethane, which keep moisture effectively away from your mattress that's also breathable, dust mite resistant, and will keep you cool at night. The only potential down-side is that it's water-resistant rather than being fully waterproof, so if that's a priority we'd recommend considering the Nectar mattress protector instead. In terms of pricing, it is also more costly than similar mattress protectors, but you do get everything you need from a protector and more, so it could be a worthwhile investment. 

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