Amazon Kindle Oasis review: still lovely, now with a larger 7-inch display and waterproofing

Trip the light fantastic with Amazon's super flagship ereader

Amazon Kindle Oasis review
T3 Verdict

Still beautiful, the Kindle Oasis further differentiates itself with a bigger screen. It's not for everybody, but some will find it a joy.

Reasons to buy
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    Lovely and lightweight

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    Still so thin

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    Charging case a nice touch

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Reasons to avoid
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    3G version is even more

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    Not for everybody

Note that this review covers the second-generation Kindle Oasis launched in 2017, which has since been replaced by a slightly tweaked 3rd-gen model. Keep your eyes on Amazon Prime Day deals for discounts on the newest Amazon e-readers.

When the original Kindle Oasis hit our palms, we loved it. Now Amazon has returned with an even better version that features a 7-inch version of the 6-inch 300dpi display carried by its predecessor (and which is still on the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite). At its thinnest point it still measures an impressive 3.4mm.

Amazon reckons it fits 30-percent more words per page for fewer page turns. 

Also new is that the screen features automatic brightness so it can react to environmental lighting. 

A new design dispenses with the battery case from the older Oasis, instead there's now one battery inside the device. It still lasts "weeks" according to Amazon. The Oasis now no longer comes with a case at all, so you need to order one separately. 

Another major breakthrough is that it's first waterproof Kindle, so you can read in the bath or swimming pool without fear of destroying your precious e-reader. It has a rating of IPX8, which means it can withstand immersion in up to two metres of freshwater for up to 60 minutes.

Amazon Kindle Oasis review

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Kindle Oasis 1

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Kindle Oasis features

Amazon believes the Kindle should get smaller and lighter up to a point where it's like reading from a piece of paper, hence the original development of the Oasis. We're not sure what people who like the weight of a paperback will think about this, but it makes sense to us from a technology perspective, and we're sure Amazon has done its research.

Kindle Oasis is a niche device, though it is cheaper these days at £230 for the standard 8GB version, £260 for 32GB (both Wi-Fi only), while the 3G+Wi-Fi version is costly at £320. Remember though – if you buy the 3G version you do get free 3G connectivity for life, as with the other Kindles.

While the original Oasis centred almost entirely around the lack of weight, the waterpoofing and larger screen add extra incentives to plump for the 2017 Oasis. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis review

There's almost nothing to the Oasis; it feels featherweight (although it is weightier than the old model at 194g instead of 131g) and you can easily balance it on one hand. The 3.4mm thickness of the screen part is the same as the original but it still seems incredible compared with other devices. If it's the way all tablets could be, then we want to go there.

However, there is one disadvantage to this – without the included battery cover case the device feels almost too delicate. And that's not good for those of us who expect to take our Kindles poolside, on planes and – well – everywhere we go (although you can always take it into the actual pool now). 

The controls are so simple – whether you prefer touch or physical buttons, you're catered for, while the controls are reversible depending on whether you're right or left-handed.

Amazon Kindle Oasis review

T3 Verdict

There's a lot to love about the Kindle Oasis, even if many of the core features are available on the significantly cheaper Kindle Paperwhite. But that's missing the point – and if you've got this far we'd bet that won't bother you. The new larger screen is also pretty darn awesome. It's unashamedly premium; the top-line Kindle that says you're a serious reader (especially if you plump for the 3G version).