Running World Masters Indoor Champion to host FREE coaching sessions on Zwift

First session is on 21 July, still some time to get your Zwift RunPod

(Image credit: James Thie/Zwift)

Despite the fact that many commercial gyms will reopen soon, probably a lot of people have already bought their treadmills and have been enjoying their session on Zwift. If you want learn how to get better at running and also have a Zwift Run Pod, we have good news for you: leading GB coach and the current World Masters indoor Champion in the 1500m, James Thie will be hosting a series of 'mile improvement' sessions on Zwift.

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Taking place every Tuesday for three weeks on Zwift's virtual running track, the sessions are designed to improve your one-mile-time , or 1609 metres if you like to measure your distances in the metric system. And it's not just for seasoned running pros either: all types of runners can benefit from the sessions, no matter ability or favourite distance.

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As for the schedule, the first session is on 21 July, followed by the second session on 28 July and finally, the last one on 4 August. All sessions are set to start at 3 pm BST and will last for 45 minutes. During the workouts, Thie will lead runners through a series of interval efforts to help you get the most out of your treadmill sessions.

Apart from a treadmill, you might also want to get a pair of decent running shoes and a heart rate monitor or running watch.

More information about the event could be found here.

Matt Kollat
Matt Kollat

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