World Cup 2018: This is the best TV to watch the World Cup final on

Buy today and you can see England, Croatia, Belgium and France in pristine 4K action

Sony AF8

If you're looking to upgrade your TV for the World Cup semi final, you've left it a little late, but it is still just doable. Our recommendation is the Sony AF8 or, to give it the full naming treatment, the KD-55AF8 if you want a 55-inch or KD-65AF8 if you want to GO LARGE with a 65-incher.

In-store pickup from Currys looks the best option in terms of price (not that there are any great deals to be had on this TV as it's very new) and ability to deliver (or perhaps more reliably, for you to pick up). Make sure you check stock in your area first,  though, or great misery shall ensue.

If you want to take a punt on your team reaching the final, you have longer to make your mind up. John Lewis promises in-store pickup 'within two days' and offers a five-year warranty as part of the deal.  

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Sony AF8: Today's best prices

Sony KD-65AF8 and Sony KD-55AF8: TVs fit for a World Cup final

This Sony AF8 is the follow up to last year's A1, which scooped the T3 Award for Best TV of 2017. 

Compared to the A1, the AF8 delivers the same sumptuous visuals, but in a design that is easier to fit into most homes – the A1 had a gorgeous but awkward 'leaning' stance. Sony has played the fashionably minimalist card to perfection here, with nothing unnecessary about the design. The screen sits on a single pedestal, with the panel virtually flush. 

Sony AF8: cup-winning visuals and sound

With 4K UHD OLED HDR, the AF8 has all the right initials

Thanks to Sony’s X1 Extreme image processor, images in both native 4K (as broadcast over iPlayer by the BBC) and upscaled 1080p HD (used by ITV and for BBC World Cup transmissions other than iPlayer) look stunning.

As well as upscaling the resolution to 4K when required, Object Based HDR Remastering with Dynamic Contrast Enhancement does a spectacular job of turning Standard Dynamic Range material into HDR. As a result the players's strips look vivid but real against the green of the pitch, and incredible detail in the crowd and stadium is visible.

Motion handling is also important for fast-moving sporting action, and the Sony AF8 excels here too, with the Motionflow system consistently delivering pristinely clean fast motion, without looking unnatural. 

Audio is also fantastic, thanks to Sony’s Acoustic Surface wizardry. The screen actually is the speaker, and the vibrating actuators and mid-range rear woofers are so impactful, you won't need a soundbar. 

Should you want to step up the audio further, however, the AF8 can output Dolby Atmos to a compatible system. None of the World Cup is broadcast in Atmos (it's Dolby Digital all the way), but Sky and BT's Premier League coverage is.

Sony KD-65AF8 smart platform

The Sony AF8 uses the Android OS, which offers powerful search functionality. A YouView app to offer catch-up TV services instead but crucially, BBC iPlayer is on board for all your 4K UHD World Cup live-streaming requirements.

There's also Google Assistant on hand to answer all your football trivia questions and dim your home's smart bulbs.

If you fancy a quick burst of FIFA afterwards, the AF8 is also a solid gaming screen. It's visually stunning, although an input lag of 47ms is admittedly not class leading. 

Sony KD-65AF8: the main rivals

And the winner is…

The Sony AF8 sits on top of our Best TVs chart, but it has powerful opposition in the form of the imperious Panasonic FZ952 and the highly creative LG OLED C8.

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