The Apple Watch Round Series in this video is jaw-droppingly beautiful

Is this the new Apple Watch you would buy? We've already emptied our wallets…

Apple Watch Series 4 Round
(Image credit: DBS DESIGNING)

As far back as May 2018 did T3 report that a stunning new Apple Watch Series 4 with a round watch face could be incoming, and now thanks to a jaw-dropping new video we've got a tantalising glimpse at just how beautiful the smartwatch could be.

The video in question introduces the Apple Watch Round Series, a would-be successor to the Apple Watch Series 3, showing off the striking smartwatch from every angle and in a number of lush colourways, too.

The mouth-watering video comes courtesy of commercial tech industry designer Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully, who specialises in producing high-quality concepts of much-wanted new devices which, while unofficial, often look truly amazing and show what ideally tech enthusiasts would like to see.

This video shows a new Apple Watch which, as well as boasting a stunning round face with a screen that goes all the way to edge, also sports a delightfully thin new profile which just screams premium and style.

Here is the Apple Watch Round Series video in full:

Will the Apple Watch Series 4 look like this? The short answer is no, as the tech to make a smartwatch this thin with a full face screen isn't commercially viable for the mainstream yet.

However, that doesn't mean Apple couldn't release a Apple Watch Series 4 with a round face, it would just have to make a few real-world in 2018 concessions. Indeed, there have been plenty of rumours that Apple is working on a round-faced Apple Watch, we just don't expect it look quite so futuristic if it is released.

And, after looking at this Apple Watch of our dreams, a smartwatch that would easily lodge itself at the top of our prestigious best smartwatch buying guide, we'd absolutely love to see Apple offer a gorgeous round-faced model that moves away from the range's traditional rectangular display.

A round-faced Apple Watch Series 4 would also help the North American maker to fend off the challenge from Samsung's new Galaxy Watch.

Apple's big event on September 12 can't come soon enough…

Lead image credit: Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully / DBS Designing

Via: BGR