Is the best OLED TV for PS5 actually this giant gaming monitor?

It's a TV! No, it's a gaming monitor! Gigabyte's new screen is a bit of both, and that could be a great thing

Gigabyte OLED monitor gaming TV PS5
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Gigabyte has announced that it's launching a range of new elite gaming displays that include HDMI 2.1 support (via FlatPanelsHD), and the one we're really interested in is a 48-inch OLED display, which almost certainly uses the same panel as the best gaming TVs, rather than the kind of panel you usually find in the best gaming monitors.

The Gigabyte AORUS FO48U is a 4K 48-inch OLED monitor, which supports both HDMI 2.1 next-gen connectivity, and 4K at 120Hz and Auto Low Latency Mode. These are features we look for from gaming TVs, because they're ideal for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The FO48U is almost certainly using the same LG Display OLED panel that you'll find in the 48-inch LG CX, because that's the only 48-inch OLED panel available. It's also what's in the Sony A9 48-inch and Philips OLED+935.

However, the Gigabyte won't have LG's image processing – it's unlikely to have much in the way of traditional image processing, in fact. Instead, it promises gaming-specific features, such as "Aim Stabilizer, Dashboard, Black Equalizer, ANC 2.0 and other various game assist functions". 

Black Equalizer treats dark areas differently to how a TV would, and aims to make it easier to pick out enemies from moody backgrounds – an interesting feature to see on an OLED panel. The ANC 2.0 feature uses microphones in the display itself to detect and cancel out ambient noise in your room when you're talking on chat, so you can be heard more clearly. These will be more PC-focused features and console ones generally, of course.

So the big question is what kind of price Gigabyte is going to offer this at – so far, specs are thin on the ground, including that salient detail. LG's price for the new LG C1 starts at $1,499, and if Gigabyte can beat that (thanks to removing all the processing that TVs include), the people whose focus for their TV is gaming rather than movies might find it extremely tempting.

The other two models introduced at the same time are 43-inch and 32-inch LCD 4K models, also with HDMI 2.1 support, and the 43-inch model is certified for HDR 1000 according to If there's strong local dimming (perhaps Mini-LED tech), those could make for fantastic bedroom gaming options. We'll find out more soon.

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