Galaxy Z Flip 2 release date shock: Samsung finds another way to dominate iPhone in 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 delay isn't the bad news you think it is

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5g
(Image credit: Samsung)

We’re only a couple of months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and while there are plenty of reasons to be excited about that, Samsung isn’t stopping with just the launch of one new phone. 

However, while plenty of people were looking forwards to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 launching in the spring, it’s apparently been pushed back now. 

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Industry insider Ross Young, tweeted out  that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 won't be making its spring launch window, but will be being pushed back to the summer instead. 

It looks like Samsung is shaking up the release window for more than just S21 next year; we initially expected both handsets to debut in March, but now we've got a January Galaxy S21 release, and a summer Galaxy Z Flip 2 launch. 

The news will be a bit of a hit for anyone holding out for the successor to the Flip and the Flip 5G, especially given some of the upgraded features that have been leaked regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2. 

Of course, given that the original Z Flip came out in February this year, the wait itself is to be expected as Samsung continues to work on the technology and find ways to improve it. That’s especially so given the plethora of issues that arise when trying to do anything in the middle of a global pandemic. 

This delay could well mean that the foldable fad looks somewhat outdated though when you consider the impact of LG's rollable phones

This competition between foldable and rollable should be an interesting one to watch. The idea of hiding away part of your screen isn’t necessarily a new one, but seeing all of the ways in which companies can push, pull, stretch, or fold these ideas into new phones is exciting. 

Maybe one day we’ll end up with some weird combination of the various ways you can change the size of a screen. Though how exactly you could have a foldable, rollable phone is a little beyond our understanding, so we’ll leave that to the tech giants.