Xperia Play release to enhance Android gaming

Sony Ericsson claim PSP phone will improve Android

Xperia Play to push gaming credentials of Google's Android OS

With the UK release of the eagerly awaited Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, formerly known as the PSP phone, less than two weeks away, Sony Ericsson has spoken out on the handset’s Android enhancing gaming capabilities.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Due to hit British stores on March 31st, a week after Nintendo release the revolutionary Nintendo 3DS to a UK market and Apple’s iPad 2 touches down on these shores, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will enter a UK market flush with high-end portable gaming devices.

Speaking with gadget site Tech Radar, Dave Hilton, Sony Ericsson’s UK & Ireland Marketing Director, has spoken out on how the company plans to dominate the portable gaming market and help enhance the Android OS the Xperia Play will run on. He said: "We've worked very closely with Google and Android to make Android the best mobile gaming platform and really go beyond the competition.”

He added: "As well as working with games developers directly, we've also formed key partnerships to enhance the whole gaming ecosystem – most notably with Unity, a developer pool that helps devs get their games on to every platform. It's really a sign of how seriously developers are taking the Play." With mobile gaming through apps rising to prominence over the past year Hilton concluded of pushing gaming on the Android platform: "It's a means to an end for us, but improving the quality of Android gaming as a whole is definitely a part of what we're doing.”

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Via: TechRadar