Twitter launches photo sharing service

Teams up with Photobucket, upload photos and videos

It seems that Twitter is getting twitchy over its dominance, first TweetDeck, now Photobucket.

Twitter will soon launch its own official photo service direct from enabling tweeters to upload pictures, videos and then use the improved search engine to see what's been happening via a hashtag.

It's a neat idea, working on the same principle that Flipboard operates, the search engine gives you the ability to upload a picture of, for example, an event, hashtag that event then see who else has uploaded pictures.

The upload service itself is in partnership with Photobucket, and while it may not be the expected yfrog or Twitpic, the company certainly has experience in handling photo-uploading.

In essence it's a move that's aimed at bringing everything together, presumably making it easier for us, the customer, but it's also sure to scare third-party developers who will no doubt feel Twitter is moving towards being more isolated.

To find out more check out Twitter's cheery indy-music filled video below..

Source: PocketLint