Three latest to announce iPhone 4 tariffs

Three unveil cheapest monthly costs so far

Three emerge as the cheapest of all with only T-Mobile and Tesco left

After much speculation about iPhone 4 price tariffs, Three have finally emerged as the cheapest so far, with only Tesco mobile and T-Mobile left to announce.

The costs were revealed by the company's brand manager when asked to match Orange's plan on the 16GB iPhone 4. Their tariff is £30 a month, for 500minutes, and unlimited texts and internet, with only £99 for the handset, compared to Orange who offered £35 a month, and £119 for the handset.

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Three customers however, will have to wait until Monday to get their iPhone 4; they will send out a text today asking the people who pre-ordered to call on Monday to find out when they will be available. The people who have a reserved text will be given priority over those without.

The iPhone 4 is likely to be the most well sold phone for a long time, and we'll keep you posted on any more tariff updates.