The Queen requests staff buy her an iPad 2

Latest Apple tablet top of The Queen's wishlist

HRH asks for an iPad to ease long trips

The Queen has asked her staff to buy her an iPad 2 after she saw her grandsons, Princes William and Harry touting their Apple tablets, British tabloid The Sun has revealed.

Both Princes are reported to have given the 85-year-old Monarch a crash course in the slim lined iPad 2 having taken their new tablets over to Buckingham Palace in recent weeks with The Queen now looking to add one of Apple’s latest portable devices to her extensive gadget haul.

"The Queen has a mobile phone as well as the iPods, so an iPad is the logical progression. She thinks it will be great to keep her entertained on all the long trips she has to make,” said The Sun’s Royal insider source.

“She was particularly taken with how easy it was to use, the large screen and how light it was. For a woman of her age, she is very switched on. It was only a matter of time before she asked someone to go and get her one."

The source close to the Royal family also divulged that “The Princes think it is hilarious. They love the fact that their gran wants an iPad and think she's really cool."

Apple’s second-generation iPad launched in the UK back in March with the market dominating tablet adding a dual-core processor, dual cameras to its newly streamlined form factor.

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Via: TheSun