The Daily iPad newspaper heading to Android this spring

Second quarter Android plans outed

Murdoch plots move as Android tablets ramp up against iPad.

The Daily iPad newspaper was always going to make the move to Android. News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch even said so at the virtual paper’s New York launch. But according to insiders, an Android edition will launch in the second quarter of this year, flying in the face of Murdoch’s claims that, “…this year and next year will belong to iPad.”

All Things D’s Peter Kafka, a man known for getting the inside scoop, says “a source” has told him the Android launch will happen this Spring.

With Apple having been an integral part of the paper’s development, even developing its new subscription service for it, it’s surprising Murdoch is willing to make the shift away from the iPad so soon. But with a raft of excellent new Android tabs just around the corner, it does make sense to be sitting pretty on them from the word go.

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Via All Things D