Super Bowl XLVI to see 1000fps slow-mo replays introduced

New Hi-Motion II cameras to bring 1,000fps footage to the eagerly awaited Super Bowl XLVI

Advancing on the original Hi-Motion camera at its 400fps abilities, Super Bowl XLVI is to use 1,000fps replays shot using the new Hi-Motion II camera

Ahead of tomorrow’s highlight of the American sporting year, Super Bowl XLVI, fans of American Football are to be offered a more detailed look at the hard hitting sport than ever before with new slow motion cameras to offer replays at a staggering 1,000 frames-per-second.

As well as seeing rivalries reformed as the New York Giants go up against the New England Patriots, those enjoying the world’s biggest annual sporting spectacular from their sofas will be offered an ultra-detailed breakdown of key plays with four new NAC Hi-Motion II cameras to be used during the iconic broadcast.

Super Bowl XLVI Broadcast

The first time the cameras will be used during a live sporting broadcast, the Hi-Motion II cameras use a three chip CMOS sensor to capture 1080p Full HD video at 1,000fps, ensuring every touchdown, tackle, interception and kick is caught in intricate detail.

"We have had technical rehearsals every day since Tuesday and the response to the Hi-Motion II is overwhelmingly positive,” said Andy Hayford of NAC. "Everyone from Engineering, VT and Production is 'over the moon' that the camera works straight out of the box and integrates like a normal camera – and the live and replay pictures are stunning."

The second generation of the Hi-Motion camera, the new 1,000fps abilities far exceed the previous models 400 frames-per-second recording limitations which were used throughout the recent Beijing Olympics.

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Via: TechRadar