Sony Ericsson 5-inch tablet to challenge Dell Streak?

Leaked SE device to sport slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Dell Streak competitor leaked on launch day, more than a coincidence...

A leaked image and some preliminary information of a new Sony Ericsson device has been unearthed hinting towards a smartphone/tablet hybrid set to challenge the Dell Streak which is released today.

The rather blurred, low quality image shows what is reported to be a Sony Ericsson device with a five-inch screen and a hinged slide-out QWERTY keyboard much like that on the HTC Shift.

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The source responsible for the leaked snap also claims that the device will run on Android 2.1, not that much of a surprise considering Sony Ericsson has revealed no plans to adopt Android 2.2, FroYo, into its products anytime in the near future.

The Dell Streak, which receives its UK launch today, is branded as a tablet but with a 5-inch screen, 5-megapixel camera and the ability to make calls, has many referring to it as a smartphone. Albeit a slightly oversized one.

The new Sony Ericsson device is believed to be similar in characteristics to the Streak with a second source claiming that the yet unnamed device will in fact sport a 5.5-inch touchscreen when it is launched in autumn of this year.

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Via: Engadget