Sony Ericsson 16-megapixel camera phone spotted in leak

Megapixel phone wars set to kick in to higher gear

Upcoming Sony Ericsson phone spotted leaving FCC

A 16-megapixel camera touting Sony Ericsson handset has been spotted having cleared the FCC checks hinting towards an early 2011 launch.

Believed to be Japan bound initially the yet unnamed Sony Ericsson camerphone is seemingly set to once again up the megapixel wars anti with its whopping 16-meg snapper wrapped around a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and what appears to be a touchscreen interface with portrait slide-out mobile keyboard.

Whilst the accompanying images of the upcoming Sony Ericsson device might show a less than attractive, slightly dated handset, the leaked unit is reportedly waterproof and features a backlit sensor allowing for high-quality low-light shots to be taken. It will reportedly forgo the likes of Android and Windows Phone 7 and run a proprietary Sony Ericsson OS.

Other known specs of the 16-megapixel cameraphone see the device packing the usual array of inbuilt Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the now standard microSD slot. It is not currently known, when, or if, the spotted handset will make it to UK shores.

Is a 16-megapixel camera in a mobile phone handset overkill? Share your thoughts of the super snappy Sony Ericsson with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds and stay tuned to for all the latest on its potential UK arrival.

Via: TechRadar