Samsung Galaxy S4 price appears as £529.98 to pre-order

Samsung's US website and UK's Unlocked Mobiles are first to the mark

Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone will be going up against the likes of HTC's One, the Sony Xperia Z and the iPhone but will it have a price tag to match?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 now has a price of £529.98, albeit a pre-order price from Unlocked-Mobiles but it's the first indication consumers will have about how much the next-generation Galaxy smartphone is going to cost.

With all the major UK networks already confirming that the Galaxy S4 would be available on launch it has now been down to the sim-free providers to help provide consumers with a definitive number and it looks like Samsung's next handset will be priced alongside the HTC One and the Xperia Z.

The HTC One will be available to buy for £519.98 placing it just below the S4 whilst Samsung's next smartphone looks to have been priced to directly compete with the iPhone 5 costing almost exactly the same as the iPhone 5 16GB model.

Samsung Galaxy S4 features

Boasting a giant 5-inch Full-HD screen the Galaxy S4 still manages to be smaller than the Galaxy S3 whilst packing in a huge eight-core processor and 2GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S4 also comes with a whole range of new features including Smart Pause which automatically pauses video content when you look away, you'll also be able to use the screen whilst wearing gloves.