Samsung Galaxy S2 beats iPhone 4S in December

Samsung steals the Christmas crown from Apple according to uSwitch

Despite being the 'most amazing iPhone yet' it appears as though UK consumers were instead looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S2 deals

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was crowned the best-selling phone of December, or at least that's according to figures collected by the uSwitch Mobile Tracker which collects search and sales data.

UK consumers were looking for the best Android deals rather than for Apple's latest handset with 8 out of the top 10 handsets all running Google's operating system with Apple having to take second place.

With the iPhone 4S taking second place and the iPhone 4 in 5th it was Android who dominated the Christmas chart with the HTC Sensation climbing nine places in December to take 7th place.

Interestingly it was the budget phones which then took 3rd and 4th place with the HTC Wildfire S and the Samsung Galaxy Ace both performing admirably as consumers sought to find the best smartphone deals in these difficult times.

This was confirmed by uSwitch's Technology Expert Ernest Doku who believes that this year has seen a new trend of bargain hunting over the festive period.

"With Christmas 2011 epitomised by the bargain-hunter, price has been as important as hardware, and phones offered free on low-cost tariffs are the ones that have been flying off the shelves throughout December."

The Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC Sensation XE both failed to make the grade however with neither making the top 10, Doku believes this could be down to a combination of great deals and already cemented handsets.

"Although the mobile market is saturated with high-performance handsets, the Galaxy S II has been untouchable when it comes to offering a great mobile experience at exceptionally good prices."

What was your smartphone of Christmas, was it Nokia's latest and greatest the Lumia 800 or was it Apple's iPhone 4S? Let us know via the comments box below..

Source: uSwitch