PSP Go UK price cut again

Almost £100 slashed from Go price tag in past month

Handheld struggling to attract gaming attention?

The PSP Go is set to drop in price yet again just weeks after Sony introduced a wordwide reduction to its handheld gaming device.

Earlier this month, Sony announced that it was slashing the price of the PSP Go in the US, Japan and Europe with UK customers having seen the RRP go from £225 to £159.99.

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On the UK Sony Store, the Go now prices in at £129.99 which is a drop of £30, making the cuts since November 1st total in at just under £100.

In what is likely to be a response to disappointing sales of the device since it launched in October last year, some argue the generous reductions could be in preparation for a new handheld from Sony rumoured to either be a PSP 2 or the PSP Phone which was snapped earlier this month.

Will the latest price drop now convince you to snap up a PSP Go or are you planning to wait to see if the PSP 2 or PSP Phone surfaces? Lets us know via Twitter and Facebook.

Link: CVG (Via: Sony Store)

Update: Sony has announced that the price cut which appeared on the Sony Store UK website is a 'website error' and will be amended later today. So, no cheaper PSP Go then folks.