title: Smart Viera / url: Smart-Viera


Panasonic is strongly pushing the concept of Interacting with TVs from a phone or tablet. This is the most tangible new thing to be drawn out of the Smart VIERA concept.

Its new TVs are all somehow enabled with internet connectivity, through a series of inbuilt apps. This, and the ability to control the TV in new ways, is key to Panasonics strategy in this area.

The VIERA Remote App can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, and acts as a remote control, and Panasonic argues this gives the user more options to interact with the TV. It allows you to transfer pictures, videos, music or websites between the device and the TV with a swipe. It all seems to work smoothly enough; the question is whether there is demand for it.

Product wise, the new line-up of Smart VIERA LED LCD TVs includes its largest ever LED screens. 20 new models are available– including a 47 inch and 55 inch models and the introduction of passive 3D technology with the ET5 series.

In terms of plasma screens, the 2012 line up is made up of the VT50, GT50, ST50, UT50, XT50 and X50 series. With screen sizes ranging from 42 inches to 65 inches, an expanded 3D line-up, and various incremental visual enhancements on the 2011 line.