Panasonic adds 2D-to-3D conversion to Viera range

GT25 plasma TVs to launch in US within a month

Panasonic Viera GT25 range to feature 2D-to-3D conversion

Panasonic has expanded its 3D range with the arrival of two new additions to the Viera series. The Panasonic GT25 plasma TVs will come in 42- and 50-inch varieties and will be the company’s first full HD plasma screens as well as being their first products with the capability to convert 2D video into 3D.

The new range will be cheaper that Panasonic’s other 3D sets, the VT20 and VT25, with the 42- and 50-inch GT25s set to retail at $1,699 and $2,099 respectively when they go on sale in the US at the end of the month.

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Despite being cheaper, the new additions will have many of the features of the VT20/25, including Netflix playback, Twitter, Amazon-on-Demand and Skype. Additionally, the GT25s will provide USB ports, full 1080p resolution, 600Hz sub-field drive and THX certification.

However, the real question will be whether the 3D quality will be satisfactory. As well as the 42-inch set being the smallest 3D TV Panasonic will release (purportedly to suit gamers), 3D post-production has been notoriously poor for some film releases. Do you think Panasonic can get around these issues to make a 3D TV you’d want to buy? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.