Paid-for ad-free Angry Birds app to hit Android in March

Android Angry Birds fans to lose in-app adverts

Android to follow iOs in ad-free Angry Birds

Global app sensation Angry Birds is to hit Android in its full paid-for, ad-free form next month, developer Rovio has revealed.

Currently available on the Android platform only as a free-to-download, advertising-supported release, the Angry Birds app is to follow its iOS locked counterpart and launch on the Google OS sans advertising.

The announcement, made via the Rovio Twitter feed, follows the recent unveiling of the Android release’s in-app payment system dubbed the Bad Piggy Bank that allows users to pay for the apps advertising to be removed or purchase the Mighty Eagle level solving add-on.

Responding to a fan’s question as to when a paid-for Android version of Angry Birds will be released the developer tweeted: “give us another month and we’ll be there.”

Initially launched via the GetJar Android store back in October the ad-supported full Angry Birds app has since topped 50 million global downloads.

Would you spend a couple of quid on an ad-free Android version of Angry Birds or do the in-app advertisements not phase you? Share your thoughts via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: PocketLint