Nokia N9 or C9 picture leak shows super slim slider

Nokia N9 or C9 running Symbian^3 OS in pics

Image 1 of 3 Nokia N9
Nokia N9
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Nokia N9
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Nokia N9

8-megapixel cam and slide-out QWERTY running Symbian^3 but is it N9 or C9?

The Nokia N9 has been leaked, and we’ve got the pics and the promo video. But is it actually the N9 or the C9? At this stage, it remains unclear but it still looks like a close-to-finished new smartphone from the Finnish phone giants.

Surprisingly, it looks like it's running Symbian^3 and not the MeeGo operating system the Nokia N9 has been thought to sport. Nokia was expected to go MeeGo full time after the release of the N8, but this leak suggests otherwise.

Don't take our word for it though, check out the Nokia N9 pictures here.

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The leaked device has no name on it other than C0, but then the software quotes Model: N00, so its name is still a bit of a mystery. Either way, it looks like a cracking bit of kit.

It’s really the hardware that looks the most intriguing, with a nicely sculpted slim body and a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The screen looks to be about 3.5-inches, then there’s an impressive 8-megapixel camera on the back too.

Expect more official news soon, but what do you reckon: Nokia N9 or C9 (or something completely different)? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

Pics: Negri