Nokia CEO Stephen Elop dismisses Microsoft takeover

Rumours Microsoft is to launch a takeover bid on Nokia have been refuted by Elop

Rumours of a proposed Nokia takeover by Windows Phone developer Microsoft have once again been refuted by the Finnish phone company's CEO

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has once been forced to defend the Finnish phone manufacturer refuting the latest rumours that the Nokia smartphone division is to be sold off to Windows Phone 7 creator Microsoft.

With rumours of a Microsoft led Nokia takeover once again surfacing, new reports have suggested Elop has been working on the deal with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer during CES with the Nokia head planning to jump ship ahead of the final merger.

"The rumours are baseless," Elop said of the latest takeover musings. "Some people who seem to enjoy generating rumours are running out of fresh material, so it seems to have come up again."

Nokia and Microsoft

With the recently released Nokia Lumia 800 marking the first handset collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft's WP7 service, reinvigorating Nokia's place in the smartphone market in the process, Elop has suggested Nokia needs all facets of its brand to be intact for the company to work as a whole.

"There's significant synergies between the multiple groups within Nokia - for example, on decisions around chipsets, on memory, on different display technologies. We gain scale advantages across the entire portfolio of devices that we have."

Do you expect the mobile arm of Nokia to be sold off to Microsoft in the near future or do you believe Elop's words? Let us know your thoughts via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar