Will new Xbox block second-hand games?

Next-gen Xbox to block second-hand games and always be online, claims Edge

The next-generation Xbox will require an internet connection to work and will block second-hand games on it, according to a report by Edge Magazine

With Sony's New York event just two weeks away - at which punters are set to "see the future" of PlayStation - news of the next generation Xbox has appeared on the horizon. A report published on the website of gaming magazine Edge cites sources with "first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console" and not all of the news is good.

The sources have allegedly told Edge that the new Xbox console will require an internet connection in order to function at all and that all games omn disc for the console will ship with activation codes "and will have no used beyond the initial user". This effectively means that second-hand games won't work on the next Xbox console.

Along with this bad news, Edge states that games for the new Xbox console will be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu ray discs, meaning that Microsoft has probably finally waved the white flag and come around to using a similar internal delivery system to Sony's console. The source apparently also told Edge that the specs that have been leaked so far for the next-gen Xbox are completely accurate.

Microsoft is widely expected to show off its new Xbox console at this year's E3 videogames expo in Los Angeles, but with the PS4 rumoured to be unveiled in a couple of weeks, this may change.