Microsoft: Kinect does work when sitting down

Redmond clears up rumours that you need to be on your feet

Talk of Kinect not working for sofa lovers crushed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Kinect will work when you’re parked on the couch. That’s the word direct from the gaming big dog, which says rumours that you’d need to be standing to use the controller-free system are wide of the mark.

In a short statement, Microsoft said, “Kinect can be used while sitting when an experience is developed with sitting in mind.”

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One hopes that extends beyond just slipping through menu systems and calling up TV shows and movies. However, the fact it mentions ‘experiences’ rather than games, points to a need to be on your feet more often than not.

Indeed, Microsoft also said Kinect is, “…designed to get you off the couch.” It seems if you just want to kick back, you’re going to just have to rock that hefty old controller instead.

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Via Joystiq