LG Optimus G to take on Samsung Galaxy S3?

LG's flagship smartphone announced, no word on UK release

LG has announced its LG Optimus G a smartphone that has the credentials to take on not only the Galaxy S3 but also Apple's next iPhone if released worldwide

The LG Optimus G has been announced by LG boasting LTE and Qualcomm's hugely powerful S4 Pro 1.5GHz quad-core processor along with LG's groundbreaking integrated touchscreen.

The smartphone is only 8mm thick thanks to LG's in-cell display which integrates the touchscreen with the display itself allowing for a much smaller frame.

The technology had been rumoured to be heading towards the upcoming iPhone 5 but it looks like LG have beat Apple to the mark with this 1280x768 True HD display.

If that wasn't enough there's an impressive 2GB of RAM which will help the Optimus G steam through multi-tasking and gaming while a 13MP snapper on the back will keep the photographers happy.

Finally the LG Optimus G will be the first smartphone to offer a lifespan of over 800 cycles which will be a blessing in an age where smartphone batteries are increasingly struggling.

According to Engadget there will be a worldwide release later in the year and with LG set to showcase at IFA 2012 it's likely that more info will be shared then.

Source: Engadget