iPhone 4 coming to Three and T-Mobile July 30th

Last two networks to jump on iPhone 4 bandwagon

Two more networks have finally joined the Apple crowd, and Three, at least, is hoping to take it by storm.

Three's sponsored blog has revealed that the network will be releasing the iPhone 4 on July 30th only a few days after T-Mobile revealed it would also be releasing the phone on the same date.

The blog MobileBuzz, happens to be conveniently sponsored by Three, which should do nothing but add to the accuracy of the claim. In terms of the contracts themselves it's looking very reasonable. For £30 a month you'd need to pay £99 for the handset (16GB version) and for that you'll get 5000 texts, 500 mins and 1GB worth of internet usage. To get the full story on Three's iPhone 4 contracts click here.

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Three is presumably hoping that by setting the benchmark it'll be able to carve a hefty slice into the number of prospective iPhone 4 buyers, especially considering T-Mobile will also be joining the foray, leaving only Virgin to make the big step.

Via: Gaj-it