Apple iPad 3 to launch as iPad HD?

Rumours of tweaked Apple iPad continue to rumble

Sources have revealed Apple is working on a predecessor to the iPad 2, the Apple iPad HD, which will sport a high definition 2048x1536 resolution panel

Earlier this week, T3 reported on the prospect of Apple launching a third-generation iPad, the iPad 2 Plus, in September. Now sources claim that Apple is indeed plotting a slightly improved slate for later this year, although it will be called the iPad HD, not the iPad 2 Plus, as previously reported.

The slate itself will only be a minor tweak on the current best-selling classic, with a 2048x1536 resolution panel, hence the HD moniker. The report suggests it will be marketed as a ‘pro’ model, with versions of top-end software such as Final Cut available for the tablet.

If the iPad HD does come to pass, it will give Apple a sleek new model to sell in the run up to Christmas, as well as offering it the chance to diversify the iPad range, much as it did with the iPod and iPod Mini in the early noughties.

It has been a rocky week for Apple. Yesterday, Apple's App Store recorded its 15 billionth app download but earlier, had lost its high profile App Store trademark lawsuit against Amazon.

The sources are also saying that Apple is not viewing this as the iPad 3, rather an iterative update ahead of the major sequel which will come next year. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more on the iPad HD as we get it.

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