iPad 2 launches today in US Apple stores

Stay tuned for an exclusive unboxing, pictures and videos

T3's man in the states is in line to pick up the slimmer 'Pad

The bug day has arrived… for anyone who lives in America, that is. Apple are launching the iPad 2 (in white and black, remember) across the states today, at what will be 5pm UK time.

The launch has already garnered street-long queues outside every US Apple store, and out stateside man Chris Smith is among them. He’ll be picking up an iPad 2 and legging it home ASAP this eve to post a bevy of exclusive content.

T3 on the iPad 2

Over the course of this evening and Saturday, we’ll be posting an unboxing, exclusive pictures and several key video features on our first impressions and what to do when you first get hold of the tablet sequel. Stay tuned both to T3.com and the T3 Twitter feed.

In the mean time, check out our video hands-on with the iPad 2, filmed at the London unveiling last week:

Apple iPad 2 video