iOS 4.3 touting iPhones and iPads suffer battery issues

Ping music service reduces iPhone battery life

Ping causes battery loss on iPhone and iPad devices

Whilst battery life has never been the iPhone’s strongpoint, the recent update to iOS 4.3 appears to have further knocked the handset’s power supply with Apple’s social music service Ping reportedly to blame.

A new addition to the latest iOS release, Ping, the social music service that allows iTunes users to follow their favourite artists and be privy to special playlists, has been accused of shortening the battery life of iPhone and iPad devices with tests reportedly showing increased power economy with the service disabled.

Accessible via device’s general settings and the ‘Restrictions’ section, users can disengage the battery supping service with a simple swipe of Apple’s trademark on, off buttons. With Ping disabled it is reported that battery usage times will return to something similar to those pre-iOS 4.3 installation.

iOS 4.3 was set live recently to preceed the US launch of the Apple iPad 2, the first device to come preinstalled with the the company’s latest rendition of the mobile OS.

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