HTC Mondrian and Mozart: Windows Phone 7 confirmed

Unearthed docs show plans for two Microsoft phones

Further proof that Mondrian and Mozart will be among first Windows Phone 7 cells.

HTC’s Mondrian and Mozart, previously slated as the mobile maker’s first Windows Phone 7 blowers, are once again at the centre of another leak. This time though, the confirmation of their existence comes from inside the Taiwanese tech type.

MMS specs pages dug up by eager phone watchers refer to both the Mondrian and Mozart, saying each will use “Internet Explorer Mobile 7” which is only found on the all-new OS.

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Word is the Mondrian will pack in a Snapdragon processor and a 5 megapixel camera, with the Mozart yet to be fully detailed. Some insiders are suggesting the latter will be a budget Windows Phone 7 effort.

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Via Electronista