HP/Palm webOS tablet: two models coming in 2011

New internal pics leak as plans for slates get clearer

Topaz and Opal tablets both set for late 2011 launch, with announcement coming on 9 February.

HP and Palm will at last reveal all about their webOS tablet plans at a special event on 9 February. And what’s more, full details of what we can expect have already been leaked, along with an internal render of a webOS slate, which you can see right here.

The Pre makers are plotting two tablets, a 7-incher called Opal and a 9-incher dubbed Topaz. Shonky codenames aside, these both promise to be absolute stunners, with 1.2GHz processors, with LTE baked in for Stateside data lovers.

There are no buttons on either model, with three speakers, USB support and a front-facing camera for video chat. As you can see, the pic of the Topaz is stunning, and we certainly can’t wait to get our mitts on one.

But there is some bad news. Engadget has it that units won’t show up at HP until summer, with neither the Topaz or Opal likely to launch until September. Is that too late for HP to take on the iPad and Android Honeycomb? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget