title: Halo 4: Story & history / url: story-history

Halo 4 release date

Halo 4 Story


It is confirmed that the story will continue from the events in Halo 3, though with something of a vacuum in terms of any other solid plot details, many have looked to other means for clues. 

In Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, a number of ‘Easter eggs’ (hidden tid-bits, such as info, images or videos, or events) have been found, some of which are rumoured to provide hints to the story of Halo 4.

One video focuses on a character called Guilty Spark who has had a hundred thousand years of isolation, and gives some slender information as to what we can expect.

More recently, in the official Halo 4 trailer, there has been speculation on the presence of a Halo ring seen on a view screen.

Largely relying on interpretation, there is probably only so far you can go with this information, however.

Halo series history

05/11/2001: Halo Combat Evolved is launched as a flagship title for the original Xbox console.

09/11/2004: Halo 2 saw Master Chief return to save the human race again, with added Xbox Live.

25/09/2007: Halo 3 hits the Xbox 360. The Halo story was neatly concluded but the hype continued.

03/03/2009: Halo Wars takes the franchise off on not widely loves, strategy based tangent.

22/09/2009: Halo 3: ODST goes on sale and offers the first playable demo of Halo: Reach.

14/09/2010: Bungie bid farewell to the Halo franchise with the release of Halo: Reach, the prequel.