Google Photovine: new photo sharing service incoming?

Google acquires name and trademark as rumours hot up

What has Google got planned for mooted photo network?

Google looks set to open a new front in its fight against Facebook, with the search giant acquiring a trademark for a service dubbed Photovine. The Big G has also secured, suggesting a new image sharing service could be launched soon.

The trademark application refers to Photovine as a service for the, “…transmission of visual images and data by telecommunications and online social networks.”

What this means for Google’s Picasa image service remains unclear. However, it’s likely Photovine will look to emulate photo sharing mobile apps, with easy uploading and the chance to look at other users’ snaps wherever you are.

Expect to hear the Big G talk Photovine up officially very soon. What do you think this new service will offer? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Electronista