Flickr updates iOS app to include hashtags

Photo-sharing service takes on competitiors, Instagram and Twitter

Yahoo-owned Flickr has released an update enabling users to search the site, which contains more than six billion photos, by using the popular hashtag feature

Although Flickr was one of the first web services to utilize tags to aide user's search keywords, the iOS app has upgraded from 'tags' to 'hashtags' to enhance search capabilities.

The update should allow users to find photos easier and couple the search terms in a closer relation than before. Much like its alternative services to adopt the hashtag, they can be used for search query's but also added to a photo's title or description.

Popular social-networking apps Twitter and Instagram are popular for their use of hashtag and the Flickr app takes a step closer to its competitiors.

The news comes following recent rumours circulating Facebook taking on the hashtag functionality. It also follows Flickr's adoption of retro filters and (@)usernames.

Users have embraced hashtags on the app for years but Flickr has finally updated its service to support the feature.

The revamp will only function on the iOS version of the app with Flickr's website and Android variants remaining on the old system of 'tags'.

To mark the new update, Flickr have begun a #FlickrFriday competition, allowing users to have their submission(s) featured on the FlickrBlog.

Source: The Next Web