Broadband speeds: Are you getting what you pay for?

We want to know if you think you are being sold short by ISPs

Following yesterday’s news that the ASA is investigating Virgin Media, we want to know if you think you are being sold short by ISPs

Yesterday T3 broke the news that Virgin Media is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, in relation to its claimed broadband speeds.

While tech giants like Microsoft and Apple are nudging customers further into the cloud with every new product, and online based media firms like Netflix and Spotify get ever more popular, the quality of internet connections has never been more important to tech enthusiasts.

However yesterday’s news, and the response we received from readers, shows there is still controversy over the speeds Internet Service Providers advertise, and what they are actually delivering you.

We want to hear about your broadband experiences. Do you think you have been misled on the speeds you are being delivered? What ISP gives the best service? Do you suspect your service has been throttled in the past?

You can check exactly what speed you are getting here

We will publish a selection of the best responses, so let us know what you think via Twitter, Facebook, or via our comments section below.