Battlefield 3 multiplayer videos reveal weapons offering

Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay videos leak

Battlefield 3 trailer reveals new gameplay footage before the FPS goes up against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

New Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay video trailers have leaked online with 30-minutes of footage from the upcoming EA and DICE first person shooter outed.

Focussing on multiplayer aspects of the upcoming gaming release the two leaked videos, which total almost 30-minutes and come equipped with a complete commentary, have offered gaming fans their first detailed look at the title’s load-out screen, weapon customisation features and the weapons themselves.

The leak comes after Battlefield 3’s developer DICE spoke out on its decision to offer just 24 person online multiplayer modes for Xbox and PS3 gamers in its upcoming rival to the imminent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 title.

"On console we've made the decision to go 24 players on multiplayer because it's the sweet spot, DICE’s brand manager Kevin O’Leary stated. “We've seen from telemetry and testing and so forth - that's what we know works well for our consumers and our players."

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Via: CVG