Apple to launch first Apple branded TV sets this autumn?

Apple to enter TV market with internet-connected displays

Apple is reported to be working on its first Apple branded television sets that will bundle the Apple TV and iTunes services

Apple is set to turn its ‘hobby project’ Apple TV into a fully fledged product line with the launch of a full range of Apple branded television sets, new reports have claimed.

Quoting a “former Apple executive,” industry blog DailyTech has revealed Apple is set to launch its first range of branded television displays later this year with an autumn announcement reportedly set to officially unveil the iOS-powered devices.

Set to package the current Apple TV service and iTunes into a physical television display, the former Apple executive reportedly claimed the Cupertino giant intends to partner with a “major OEM” to “blow Netflix and all those other guys away.”

Following the rise in popularity of the Apple TV service since its refresh last year multiple rumours have been floated around regarding the possible introduction of an Apple branded television with latest reports claiming the mooted devices are pegged for an autumn launch in the US but “could launch as late as next year, given Apple’s “high standards.””

“You'll go into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with a TV. It's perfect," declared the reported former Apple executive.

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Via: DailyTech