Apple enforcing mag and paper in-app purchases from 31 March

New rules incoming as The Daily launches

Tightening up comes as Apple looks to squeeze more money from publishers.

It seems Apple’s rejection of the Sony Reader iPhone app was just the start on a new front in its war to keep control of all content sold through its App Store. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that as of 31 March, publishers will be have to offer in-app purchasing for mags and papers.

The news comes just a day after The Daily was unveiled, with Apple clearly keen to stamp out the practice of publishers sending punters away from apps and onto websites to snaffle new content.

Apple’s Eddy Cue, who helped unveil The Daily yesterday, has said the option to buy new content from websites will be available as long as in-app purchases are supported too. This rule has been in place for some time, but Apple has decided now’s the time to start enforcing it properly.

The aim is to ensure Apple maintains strict control over the App Store, as well as make money from publishers. The new App Store rolling subscription service, revealed at The Daily launch, means Apple makes cash from Murdoch and co’s new iPad-only venture.

Is Apple exerting to much control over publishers and devs? Or is it right to try and squeeze every last penny from its online emporium? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Wall Street Journal