8pen for Android reinvents the touchscreen keyboard

Video: you've never seen an app like this before

Gesture-controlled keyboard negates need for tiny keys

It's no secret that fluent typing on most mobile touchscreens is harder than watching a Simply Red music video without vomiting blood, but the 8pen keyboard for Android hopes to ease your pain.

The app, which will be available to download from the Android Market later today, says it reinvents the keyboard for the touchscreen era by using a series of gestures instead of key presses.

The characters are divided into quadrants with circular motions from a centre point helping users to type the word. It's extremely complex, and we'd be here all day trying to explain it to you, so we'd advise you to check out the video below.

While Swype simplifies mobile typing, we're not sure about this. If you can learn the rationale and get used to using the app, it might save you a bit of time and frustration.

Link: 8pen (via Gizmodo)