Xbox 360 Slim noise test: Is it "whisper quiet?"

Video: Our totally scientific sound test

Can the new Slim console cut down on noise as well as mass?

The Xbox 360 doesn't half make a racket. Sometimes when we've been playing Call of Duty the din of the old console is so loud that we think enemy tanks are on the way.

So when Microsoft announced that its new and improved Xbox 360 Slim would be 'whisper quiet' we were overjoyed, and tossed our industrial ear-muffs to one side.

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However, you can't always take these tech companies at their word, what does whisper quiet actually mean? Elephant whisper? So we decided to put it to the test in our ultra-scientific, super-controlled-environment video test.

Click on the play button to your right to see if Microsoft's newest and best Xbox lives up its sonic claims.

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