The best Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday deals

This great mirrorless camera has gone down in price over the last few years, and now it’s even cheaper thanks to these best Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday deals

Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Sony)

Although Sony has released two successors to the A6000, the mirrorless camera is still a great buy in its own right. The price of the Alpha A6000 has been sliced over the years because it’s an older model, and now, thanks to Black Friday, it’s been sliced again, so check out the best Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday deals below.  

The A6000 is a great entry-level camera if you’re looking to enter the realm of interchangeable lenses. To further help you snap that perfect shot, the Alpha A6000 also comes with a 24-megapixel sensor and rapid autofocus system to ensure each detail is captured, even when the subject is on the move. 

Professional reviews state that the image quality is pretty good for the price bracket, and images downloaded straight from the camera are almost of the same quality as if you edited the RAW files in Photoshop. 

Another handy thing about the Alpha A6000 is its compact size. You can literally take the camera anywhere with you, so you’re always ready to take the perfect shot. Thanks to its ability to pair with your phone, you’ll be able to view your shots almost instantly, and with the Sony Play Memories App, you can even control the camera from your phone, too. 

 The best Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday deals 

As the ideal entry-level camera for budding photographers, make sure you don’t miss out on these Black Friday deals.  

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