Sony MDR-1RBT review: Hands-on

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The Sony MDR-1 range is the brand's firs foray into the premium headphones arena

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The Sony MDR-1RBT forms one third of the brand's new MDR-1 range of headphones and marks Sony's first step into the premium cans arena

The Sony MDR-1RBT headphones form part of the brand's new range of top-notch cans, sitting alongside the passive MDR-1s and the noise-cancelling MDR-1Rs. We paid a visit to Sony to get a sneak peek at the new cans prior to their launch at the IFA show in Berlin.

Packing wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the MDR-1RBT can be easily paired with smartphones, tablets or any other Bluetooth enabled devices to cut out the need for pesky wires. The headphones also sport NFC technology for swiftly hooking up to any compatible Sony products.

If you're listening to music on the speakers on your Sony Xperia phone, you can simply touch the headphones with your phone to switch to listening on your headphones witn no interruption.

Sony MDR-1RBT: Design

The headphones are set to go head to head with the likes of Beats by Dre Pro Beats, the Philips Fidelio L1 and the Urbanears Zinken, so it's important that they look good.

The slick, yet understated design lends the headphones a premium feel that sets them apart from cans that concentrate on style over substance.

Sony MDR-1RBT: Comfort

The headphones sport large, around-ear cans which felt extremely comfy during our brief demo - obviously this is something we'll be testing out for a bit longer as soon as we get a full review sample in at T3 HQ.

Sony MDR-1RBT: Durability

Not only do the new cans feel durable, but the attention to detail when it comes to build quality means that there should be little noise inteference. The use of smoothly articulated silicone rings means is designed to eliminate any rattles to distract from what you're listening to.

Sony MDR-1RBT: Sound quality

Developed in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, the MDR-1RBTs certainly sound as though plenty of work has gone into them. There bass performance is strong, while not being too overcooked, while the remainder of the spectrum is punchy and clear. The closed back design and the well-fitted earcups mean that little, if any, noise escapes.

According to Sony, the headphones will give you a respectable 30 hours of battery life between charges - more than enough to get you through most long-haul flights.

Sony MDR-1RBT: Verdict

Our first impressions of the Sony MDR-1RBTs (as well as its MDR-1 and MDR-1R siblings) were certainly good. We were impressed by the overall sound quality and well as the overall look and the swift and reliable Bluetooth pairing. We'll bring you more details as soon as we get our mitts on a full review model.

Sony MDR-1RBT availability: October 2012

Sony MDR-1RBT price: £250