Reform RX review: Futuristic, high-tech Pilates reformer machine

The Reform RX is an all-in-one Pilates machine that can replace your regular classes

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Reform RX review: Pictured here, the author of the review using the machine
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Whether you’re an experienced Pilates enthusiast or a curious newbie, Reform RX is sure to deliver a challenging workout that will have you both sweating and enjoying the truly unique fitness experience in equal measure. With its sleek design, easy-to-navigate controls, and huge variety of ways to customize your workout, Reform RX is a must-try piece of fitness equipment for anyone looking for an at-home exercise Pilates experience that rivals even the most high-end boutique classes.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Allows a fully customizable full-body workout, incorporating cardio and strength

  • +

    Large library of classes and how-to videos

  • +

    Intuitive design minimizes the learning curve

  • +

    Button-controlled spring resistance

Reasons to avoid
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    The price tag is definitely on the higher side

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In this Reform RX review, I’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the machine — including the features, functionality, benefits and pricing information. The Reform RX is the world’s first commercial-grade, digitally connected Pilates reformer. Modelled after a Formula 1 race car, this sleek machine brings the experience of working out at a high-end Pilates studio (or even surpasses the experience) — and brings it into the comfort of your home.

Reform RX is more than your typical reformer machine. From the Smart Spine track, which uses sensors to provide feedback and enhance the user experience; to the leg exerciser pedal, which adds the opportunity for additional exercises; to the array of accessories that add extra complexity to your workout (like a box and jump board), Reform RX has thought of just about everything you could need for the ideal, full-body workout experience.

Plus, with a high level of versatility and tons of customization options (you can adjust the resistance with the push of a button or make your workout more challenging by adding accessories), Reform RX provides an unparalleled workout for both Pilates newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Price and availability

Reform RX is currently available in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and retails for $5,995 (plus tax and shipping), which includes the Reform RX machine and a five-year warranty on both the frame and football. While not yet available in the UK, reform does have an office in Belfast and a UK website; watch this space. 

The company also has a First Edition Package, which includes the Reform RX machine and warranty, plus a jump board, box (more on those later), and a first edition Reform RX mat. The Reform RX First Edition Package retails for $6,585 (plus tax and shipping). To get the Reform RX to your home, Reform RX is currently running a promotion which includes standard shipping, white glove delivery, and installation for $349.

In addition, you’ll also need to subscribe to Reform RX’s All-Access Household membership, which gives you access to 100+ classes with a variety of instructors, fitness levels, and focus areas. Subscriptions are currently $39 per month, and you’ll need to sign up for a minimum of 12 months when you get started.

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Setup

I tried the Reform RX at the company’s showroom in Corona Del Mar, CA, so I didn’t experience the delivery and assembly process first-hand. However, Reform RX does offer white glove delivery and installation to ensure that your machine is delivered, assembled, and up and running. They’ll also take any boxes and delivery materials with them when they leave, which as someone who has gotten plenty of fitness equipment delivered and been left to deal with piles of cardboard and packing peanuts, is a definite plus.

Now, on to fit. The Reform RX is a large piece of machinery; it’s 112.5 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, and 30.5 inches high — so not the ideal fit (literally) for small spaces. That being said, unlike some other pilates machines (which come in a single piece), the Reform RX breaks down into multiple parts — which means the delivery team can assemble the Reform RX in a variety of places in the home that are either difficult to access or completely inaccessible with one-piece machines (for example, a loft space).

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Workout experience

Full disclosure: when I first got a glimpse of the Reform RX, I was a bit intimidated. This is a high-tech piece of equipment with a lot of different elements, and as a complete Pilates newbie (I’ve taken two Pilates classes in my life, tops), I didn’t even know where to begin. There are a lot of different components to the Reform RX, including:

Reform RX also comes equipped with a 21.5-inch sweat-proof touchscreen and custom speakers. The screen also has Bluetooth connectivity, which connects to both headphones and heart rate monitors. And if you opt for the First Edition package, Reform RX also comes with a box and jump board that allows you to further customize your workouts.

It’s a lot to take in, but I was lucky enough to have the CEO and Co-Founder of Reform RX, Yvette McGaffin, on-site to host my demo. McGaffin immediately put me at ease by walking me through the different parts of the machine — and once I had a better understanding of each element, I felt much more comfortable and ready to jump into my workout.

I got on the machine and went through some core exercises to get used to the mechanics, like ground lunges (one foot on the ground, one foot on the pad), platform lunges (one foot on the front-end platform, one foot on the pad), and calf stretches (sitting on the back-end platform using the leg exerciser). I was also able to adjust the resistance for each exercise (resistance on Reform RX ranges from 22 lbs to 143 lbs) using the springs on the front of the machine; to increase or decrease resistance, you just have to touch a button on the coordinating spring.

My assumption was that more resistance always equalled a more challenging exercise, but that’s not always true with the Reform RX. McGaffin had me do a pike; with pikes, having more resistance actually made the exercise easier, which I learned when I turned down the resistance and needed McGaffin’s support to complete the move.

Once I got through some of the basics, it was time to try some real live Pilates moves. Using the touch screen, I navigated to one of the “how to” videos. Of course, I chose a move that had me on my back, staring at the ceiling. But even though I couldn’t see the screen, the instructor was clear, informative, and easy to understand — so with audio cues alone, I was able to figure out how to navigate the exercise (arms straight across and hands in the resistance straps, legs in tabletop position, and lower my hands down to my sides and back up again). From there, I experimented with one of the classes — and again, was impressed with how relatively easily I, a person pretty unfamiliar with Pilates, was able to catch on.

After that, McGaffin brought out the additional accessories that come packaged with the First Edition promotion — the box and the jump board. The box attaches to the pad to make exercises more challenging (for example, by requiring more core strength than the pad alone), which is a definite benefit — but my favorite, hands down, was the jump board.

The jump board slides into the front of the machine, attaching and giving you a platform to push off of (or, in other words, a board to jump from, hence the name) for an added cardio benefit. The jump board was just plain fun; I was having such a good time springing off the board, seeing how many times I could criss-cross my legs before reaching the platform again, I barely realized that I was working up a serious sweat.

Bottom line? The experience of working out on the Reform RX was awesome; it was challenging, it was fun, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever done before (and I’ve done a lot of workouts!). And even though it seemed a bit intimidating at first, once I got the hang of it, navigating the machine and moving from exercise to exercise was totally doable.

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Classes and workout programs

Reform RX comes with custom-built software to help you make the most of your workout experience. With the platform, you can have up to eight user profiles, which makes it easy to separate your workout history from other people in your household. When you’re logged in under your profile, you can see all sorts of helpful stats, including past workouts, heart rate and calorie data (if you’ve connected your Reform RX to a heart rate monitor), and suggested workouts (Reform RX’s software uses algorithms to determine ideal workout recommendations for each user).

I only got to experiment with a few how-to videos and workout classes during my demo. But Reform RX’s platform comes with a library of 100+ workouts from a variety of different teachers in a broad range of categories (for example, strength or cardio), and the company has plans to film ongoing workouts in their studio spaces. 

There’s also a community element that allows you to connect with other members, which is great if you’re looking for encouragement, class recommendations, or connecting with users with similar interests (for example, other runners or Pilates beginners).

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Verdict

Reform RX is an example of fitness equipment at its very best. It’s clear that a lot of time, energy and thoughtfulness was put into the design and development process (according to McGaffin, it was four years in the making). The end result is an intuitive, fluid machine that allows you to easily add and remove weight or elements to fit certain exercises to make your workout more or less challenging.

As someone with very minimal experience with Pilates — and even less experience navigating high-tech machinery — I was able to catch on to how to use the machine quickly. I was also extremely impressed with Reform RX’s classes and the way instructors explained how to perform specific exercises; even if you’ve never taken a Pilates class before, the clear instruction will have you moving through the moves like a pro before you know it.

Is the Reform RX for everyone? The price tag could definitely prove a no-go for the more budget-conscious shopper. But if you’re wanting to invest in a top-notch piece of fitness equipment that brings the boutique Pilates class experience into the comfort of your own home? Reform RX is a must-try.

Reform RX

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Reform RX review: Also consider

If you love the high-tech, futuristic design of Reform RX but Pilates isn’t your thing? Try Tonal, which is just as high-tech, just with more of a focus on classic strength training moves. Or, on the flip side, if you’re looking for something simple, consider a more traditional piece of workout equipment, like the Echelon Stride treadmill or Sole E35 elliptical

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