LG BH7420P review

The LG BH7420P home cinema system has lanky speakers and a compact receiver

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great styling at a good price

  • +

    Excellent audio

  • +

    Solid bass

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bumpy timbre matching

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The LG BH7420P 5.1 home theatre system wears its value on its sleeve. With dramatic tallboy speakers and integrated Blu-ray player, it offers solid value

The LG BH7420P is the affordable cousin of the step-up £700 LG BH9520TW, which extends the tallboy army to the rear and adds upward firing drivers all round to create a '9.1' system (hardcore enthusiasts might disagree with LG's nomenclature).

All things considered, this model looks rather more sensible. It sports an elegant user interface and doesn't skimp on functionality. Its key competition comes in the shape of all-in-one Sony BDV-N590 home cinema system, although it also stands comparison with 2.1 alternatives such as the Samsung HW-E551 and Panasonic SC-HTB550.

LG BH7420P: Features

This system certainly isn't short of toys. At its heart is a competent 3D compatible Blu-ray player which offers easy access to the brand's online net portal, home of copious catch-up and streaming TV services, including BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Lovefilm and Acetrax.

If you want more local control, multimedia files can be played back from USB and across a network; codec support is reassuringly wide. Naturally the sound system offers all the usual Dolby and DTS surround options, plus six (largely redundant) audio presets. It's a snip to set up.

LG BH7420P: Design

Although built to a price, this system doesn't look cheap. The disc player has excellent cosmetics and the glossy plastic speakers boast blinging charm. The player is a slot loader and shares DNA with the brand's BP620 deck.

LG BH7420P: Connectivity

Two HDMI inputs handle the main source traffic, but there's also phono AV and optical digital audio inputs if you need them, plus USB and Ethernet. Wi-Fi is built in, with additional support for Wi-Fi direct.

LG BH7420P: Performance

It may not be subtle, but this big LG rig is entertainingly energetic in full multichannel mode. Surround sound panning around the enclosures is aggressive while timbre matching is only marginally bumpy.

The sub thuds away with unrestrained enthusiasm. LG generously rates the power output of the system at 5x 180w, with an additional 200w going to subwoofer. Ignore these numbers. All you really need to know is that it goes comfortably loud.

LG BH7420P: Verdict

Fronted by a pair of tallboy speakers, this LG all-in-one 3D home cinema proposition is a distinctive mix of high-style and functionality.

The centre and rears are diddy in comparison to the main stereo pair, but do the job, while the subwoofer delivers thuddy bass. The Blu-ray receiver makes a fine mission control, and the cosmetic finish of the whole shebang is bang tidy. Audio quality is bright and bolshy.

LG BH7420P release date: Out now

LG BH7420P price: £450

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